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September 2018 PLAS H.E.L.P. Awards

September 2018 Elementary Students of the Month:

Noah Houlton – Nominated by Mrs. Black for being a super listener, eager to learn and please, a great friend to other students, polite and kind.

Riley Burkett – Nominated by Mrs. Folmar for adjusting so quickly to her new school, helping her teacher, and having a positive attitude.

September 2018 Elementary Class of the Month:

Mrs. Bruce’s Third Grade Class – Nominated by Mrs. Barron and Mrs. Folmar for becoming independent learners and showing Patriot Pride.

September 2018 Elementary Teacher of the Month:

Mrs. Kristy Speigner – Nominated by Lucy Webb.

September 2018 Middle School Students of the Month:

Lexie Terry – Nominated by Mrs. Ferraro for being sweet, polite, responsible, never complaining, and she brightens our day with a huge smile.

Weston Garrett – Nominated by Mrs. Rotton for being a leader in class, willing to help others, follows the rules, polite and interested in school work.

September 2018 Middle School Class of the Month:

Mrs. Jordan's 6B Class – Nominated by Mrs. Laurie Jordan for being in a great routine, hard-working, many students involved in band, cheer, football, and dance, and they still handle their work well.

September 2018 Middle School Teacher of the Month:

Mrs. Laurie Jordan – Nominated by a number of students.

September 2018 High School Students of the Month:

Dekota Lasseter – Nominated by Mrs. Allen. Her blood donation saved 3 lives. After the donation she had horrible bruising and a vein split.

Drew Nelson – Nominated by Mrs. Locklar for his hard work and dedication to his school work.

September 2018 High School Class of the Month:

Mr. Mathews' 5th Period Pre-Calculus Class – Nominated by Mr. Jeremy Mathews for always being prepared for class, having a positive attitude, and having literally every student participate.

September 2018 High School Teacher of the Month:

Mrs. Amy Allen – Nominated by the seniors for her organization and work as senior sponsor.

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