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At Pike Liberal Arts School (“Pike”), parent and family involvement is not just a requirement or a way to be a part of your student’s learning environment, it is how we strengthen our community and continue to build, maintain, and innovate our amazing school and campus. Our mission is furthered anytime we come together to serve, lead, or support our students.


As part of the Enrollment Contract, each school year, Pike families commit to completing a total of 20 hours by May 1. Volunteer opportunities can range from working on school grounds or buildings, working concessions, chaperoning a field trip, providing transportation for students groups, organizing and assisting in fundraising, working the Deer Hunt, to other approved volunteer work. Your efforts and time vastly improve the school and the experience of our students throughout the school year and beyond.

Volunteer Opportunities

Campus Workdays

Concessions Workers

Deer Hunt

Field Trip Chaperone/Driver


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Family Volunteer Hours Program FAQ's

WHO CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THE FAMILY VOLUNTEER HOURS PROGRAM? The whole family can contribute to our volunteer program: parents, legal guardians, children, and even grandparents. Students who have volunteered in or for our school outside of school hours and have more than their required student community service hours, can transfer some of their hours to their family to help fulfill their family’s volunteer hours.

WHERE DO I FIND VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES? You can visit to see annual volunteer opportunities (not all opportunities will be listed), call the Office, or check your text/email for SchoolCast notifications of volunteer opportunities. Sports boosters and athletic event volunteer hours can also be counted towards your family volunteer hours, if reported. Attendance at athletic competitions or other school programs and student athlete participation and training cannot be counted towards your family volunteer hours.

HOW DO WE REPORT OUR FAMILY VOLUNTEER HOURS? Every family is responsible for tracking and reporting their own hours. To report your Family Volunteer Hours visit or stop by the school office to fill out a form. School administration maintains and tracks the reported hours.


IF WE ENROLL IN PIKE LIBERAL ARTS SCHOOL MID-YEAR, DO WE NEED TO COMPLETE 20 HOURS? If you joined after January 1st, you will only be required to complete 10 hours for the remaining of the school year.


WHAT IF WE DO NOT COMPLETE OUR HOURS? Any unsatisfied family volunteer hours as of May 1 will be billed to each family's account at the rate of $25 per hour with payment due on or before the final day of school for that school year. For graduating seniors, the bill must be paid before graduation in order for the graduating senior to receive a diploma.


CAN WE MAKE A FINANCIAL PAYMENT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR INSTEAD OF DOING FAMILY VOLUNTEER HOURS? Yes, some families choose to make a financial contribution because of their personal situation, at a rate of $25 per hour (the rate of uncompleted hours). However, please remember that nothing replaces the example of servant leadership.

WHAT IF I AM DIVORCED OR WE HAVE A BLENDED FAMILY? DOES THAT MEAN THAT WE BOTH MUST COMPLETE 20 HOURS? No, if you are divorced or in a blended family you will only be required to complete 20 hours between step/biological parents for your students at Pike Liberal Arts School. Additionally, if you have more than one student attending Pike you will still only need to complete 20 hours for the whole family.

Family Volunteer Hours Reporting Form (Online Submission)

Family Volunteer Hours Program Reporting Form
* Required

Thank you for volunteering your time to our students and our school!

Family Volunteer Hours Reporting Form (Printable - Turn in to Office)

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