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2018 Homecoming Parade and Assembly Information

Thursday, September 27 - Parade Information

The parade will line up in order on the street behind the hospital.

K4 will be first (closest to school) and the PLAS Band will be last.

Parade Route:

The parade will circle the front of the school, go around the back between the gym and the upper building, and circle the front again. The floats will then be drive down the access road behind the baseball field. They will be parked on the hill behind the scoreboard. The floats will remain there through Saturday morning. Trailers may be picked up on Saturday.

Please be advised that if it is storming at 6:00 pm, the parade and bonfire will be cancelled. A decision about the parade and bonfire will be made as soon as possible.

Friday, September 28 - Assembly Information

If it is raining in the morning, the Homecoming Assembly will be moved to the gym. The nominees and escorts will be given 6 tickets, and only those with tickets will be admitted into the gym. The reception will still be in the library. If it is (still) raining at 11:00 am, the pep rally will be moved to the gym.

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