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August PLAS H.E.L.P. (Headmaster's Emerging Leaders Program) Awards

August 2018 Elementary Students of the Month:

Lily Kate Smothers – Mrs. Smith’s Second Grade Class. For being kind to classmates, always trying her best and thinking before she speaks, so her words are always kind.

Charlie Fountain – Mrs. Folmar’s Fourth Grade Class. For displaying Patriot Pride in his schoolwork and his treatment of classmates and for being helpful to others around him.

August 2018 Elementary Classes of the Month:

Mrs. Barron’s Fourth Grade Class – For handling themselves beautifully with Mrs. Ford. They showed self-control but still had fun. They were ready to listen and think and learn.

Mrs. Rotton’s Fifth Grade Class – For being extremely polite and having a great attitude. They return their forms, folders and homework on time and are off to a great start to the school year.

August Elementary Teacher of the Month:

Mrs. Mallory Floyd – For showing Patriot Pride in her classroom and on the court with the PLAS volleyball team.

August 2018 Secondary Students of the Month:

Charlee Sanders (Nominated by Mrs. Price) – Charlee always comes into my classroom with a smile on her face and ready to work. She is very attentive while I am discussing/demonstrating and always tries her hardest at all assignments and projects. She is also kind to all of her classmates.

Chip Faircloth (Nominated by Connie Campbell) – This student exemplifies a serious-minded student. He participates in class and adds intelligent comments to our discussion. He is ambitious with his assignments and tries to excel. He truly enjoys learning and makes my job easier.

August 2018 Secondary Classes of the Month:

Mrs. Allen’s 4th Period Biology Class – This class has perfect attendance so far.

Mrs. Campbell’s 2nd Period American Literature Class –This group is serious about learning. Their discussions and classwork shows effort and intelligence. This group has an attitude of respectfulness and kindness.

August Secondary Teacher of the Month:

Mrs. Janice Waldrop – For having outstanding lesson plans. According to students nominating Mrs. Waldrop, she is an excellent teacher who teaches in a way they can understand.

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